Research & development objectives:

  •  Evaluating and using germplasm resources for apricot, peach and almond;

  • Creating new cultivars with a high genetic resistance to diseases and pests, a high fruit quality, various ripening periods; creating rootstocks that show a good grafting compatibility to new cultivars, different vigor, resistance to water stress in soils.

  • Studying behavior of new cultivars and rootstocks introduced in Dobrogea’s orchards;

  • Intra-clone selection aimed at organizing mother, graft-branch orchards;

  • Obtaining biological material derived from high values, virus-free plants for peach, apricot, cherry, sour cherry, almond, apple, pear, plum, quince and strawberry;

  • Reducing pollution of fruits and the environment by using biological and biochemical means and procedures in controlling pests and diseases;

  • Rebalancing fruit growing ecological systems by controlling the inter-specific relationships between host plants, pathogen and pest populations and their antagonists;

  • Finding technologies of fast selection of genitors possessing a high natural resistance to phytopathogens;

  • Conceiving a phytosanitary complex of integrated control of pests and diseases;

  • Finding of progresses and scheduling methods against pests & diseases in peach and apricot;

  • Improving fruit growing technologies by adding new sequences;

  • Determining soil water uptake by trees for apricot, peach, apple and studying comparatively the use of various irrigation methods;